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I like TV. I'm an addict. Omnisexual, I'd fuck anything with a postal code. Slight OCD and Asperger's. I ship everything under the sun.
I tag everything. ** **
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John Hamish Watson
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Sherlock Holmes: high functioning sociopath |  knows 243 types of tobacco ash | the difference between alpaca wool and Icelandic sheep wool | destroyed a terror network in two years | made a whole nation believe he was dead
- Thinks his morning tea just sort of happened


Stevie nicks is in Pittsburgh tonight AND a huge storm is coming

Don’t tell me she’s not a witch

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there is no such thing as dark magic

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I have my hopes, you know; I think that the romantic—and actually, the pragmatist in me—(I was going to make it romantic), but um, the absolute practical common sense in me goes “Well, yeah, they should be together, like all great, fun love stories, duh”.
—Darren Criss, on where he hopes Kurt and Blaine end up when Glee wraps [x] (via nerdevon)

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