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The easy way that Blaine says that. “You’re gonna wake up and realize ‘I don’t love him anymore.’” He just shrugs, like it’s an inevitability. Like this is something he’s thought about so often, he’s desensitized to it.

And yet there are tears in his eyes. Because no matter how often he thinks about it, it still scares him so much. And he’s scared that now that he’s finally said it out loud, it’ll become reality.

Then Kurt comes in and says, “Never.” Such a definitive answer. He didn’t just say, “Of course not.” He said “Never.” And then he added, “I’m always gonna love you.” Always. This is all Blaine has ever wanted to hear since they broke up, and now he’s heard it.

Let’s hope they can move on from this now and be happy together without always fighting about petty things.

Ugh. I love them. And I agree. Fighting about something new every week is really getting old. I understand that being close together again is new and will present new obstacles. But every week? C’mon.

Agree so much with this ^ i hope for a normal, cute episode with them soon.

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and maybe you’re right, maybe it is a contest.

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"Now that’s what I call a season finale" - Sam

"I can’t watch this show anymore." - Blaine

"Come on, season seven is when it always gets good." - Sam

They were totally watching Glee.

They do look like the Glee credits to

It is glee- Joaquin Sadillo is the top name

"Season seven is when it always gets good."

Except Glee is ending after season six, so…

True, but Ryan was talking about a “split,” so maybe Season Six will feel like two seasons?

Or Sam was just being ironic…? And I just used that term like Alanis would, didn’t I?

Ooh, but they were watching Arliss you guys! The show about a guy who runs a sports agency that “caters to everyone’s needs as best he can”? Sorry to hijack this post, but I love the fact that Blaine says he can’t watch that show anymore … 

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Full Klaine scene from 5.16 including “Love is a Battlefield”

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